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A guide to maintaining Bubbla’s brand & visual identity across every medium.

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Brand Guidelines

It is important to follow these guidelines to help us project a strong and consistent image.

Logo Treatments

Always use our logo on top of the colours specified. When using our logo on top of an image, we recommend adding a slight blur to the image, and possibly a colour overlay.

Bubbla Logo on White
On white
Bubbla Logo on Gradient
On gradient
Bubbla Logo on Treated Image
On treated image
Bubbla Logo on Cyan
On cyan

Logo Variations

The Bubbla logo is available in two variations. It is very important, when using either variation, to maintain the correct proportions. Holding the “Shift“ key in most software programs whilse scaling up or down will maintain proportions.

Landscape Bubbla Logo on White
Landscape on white
Landscape Bubbla Logo on Gradient
Landscape on gradient

Colour Palettes

Bubbla uses a specific range of colours and gradients throughout the website and app.


The Bubbla brand uses a combination of Open Sans and Helvetica. Open Sans to be used on the web and Helvetica for within the app

Open Sans Example

Open Sans

  • Light
  • Regular
  • Bold
Helvetica Example


  • Light
  • Regular
  • Bold

Press Kit

Download our full press kit for more information on our team, company, history and to access our brand assets.

Download Press Kit