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Features at a Glance

Discover bubbles and
friends around you

Discover people nearby

Connect with friends
and new people nearby

Connect with friends nearby

Chat to people in
your bubbles

Chat with anyone in your bubble

A Unique Experience

Taking internet connectivity, to inter-connectivity.
See who is nearby, non-invasively, create a bubble, and meet up!

Scan for Bubbles Nearby

Scan & Chat

With Bubbla on your mobile, you can discover surrounding friends and people.

People Nearby
People Nearby
People Nearby
People Nearby 10m
People Nearby 15m
People Nearby
People Nearby
People Nearby 20m
People Nearby 30m
People Nearby
People Nearby

Live Chats Around You

Request to join other bubbles – Chat with nearby friends and meet up with new people without the social awkwardness.

Bubbles and Friends Nearby
Create a Bubble
Create a Location Based Chat Bubble

Create Your Own

Create your own bubble(s), name it, pin it to your location, choose your privacy... invite friends and off you go!

Hello everyone!

Chat to anyone, anywhere

Hello there

Engage with One Another

New friends, potential business contacts, collaborations and relationships can begin from a bubble!

A Location Based Chat Bubble
Invite People Nearby
Invite anyone to join your bubble Invite anyone to join your bubble

Try Something New

Bubbla is not just for friends, use it to meet new people around you wherever you are.

Home for Bubbles

Your Bubbla Home Screen is where you manage your many bubbles; those you created and the ones you joined.

View your Active Bubbles

Bubbla is Available!

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